Trailer vs. Manufactured Home

January 14, 2016

Trailer is a term that is not only outdated, but also very derogatory to anyone living in a manufactured home.  We were hoping that if we gave a very brief explanation on what that word means and how it makes people feel, that people would kindly start using another term.

Travel trailers were first introduced in the United States in the 1920s and were small units with wheels, which were pulled behind a vehicle.  In the 1950s, manufacturers redesigned these to be more permanent structures.  They marketed them as inexpensive housing and started referring to them as mobile homes.  In 1976, Housing and Urban Development started regulating mobile homes.  They introduced a lot of specific rules and codes. So that Americans could be assured of their quality and safety, they changed their name to manufactured homes, which they are still called today.

You are probably not aware, but many people living in manufactured homes don’t care for the word “trailer”.  It seems to imply that because their homes were built in a factory and then delivered to their home site, that they are somehow inferior to a home built right on its site.  In fact, many manufactured homes have stricter codes and more regulations than site built homes and are higher quality because while they are being built they are not exposed to the snow, rain or the other types of extreme weather we have in this state.

We feel that manufactured housing provides a way for Americans to own their own homes, and gives them an option that is affordable and not government subsidized.  With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day and 24% of them living on only Social Security, 29.5 million people with disabilities who are unable to work, and 31 million Americans laid off, we believe that we need to be encouraging the sales of manufactured homes, and not discouraging it by coming across as judgmental or prejudiced.

On behalf of our company, and the 24 million people that live in manufactured homes, we are hoping to encourage you to use the term “manufactured home” in any future reference.  We appreciate your time, understanding and support.