Benefits of Living in a Manufactured Home Community

January 25, 2016

The benefits of living in a manufactured home community are many. For starters, many people view home ownership as an unattainable dream. While manufactured homes are similar to site built homes on almost every level – their price is a huge difference! Since the price of a manufactured home is usually significantly less than the price of a site built home, people often think they are inferior to site built homes and often called trailers. The fact is that manufactured homes have not been called trailers since the 1970’s.

In 1976, Housing and Urban Development started regulating mobile homes. They introduced a lot of specific rules and codes. So that Americans could be assured of their quality and safety, they changed their name to manufactured homes, which they are still called today. In fact, many manufactured homes have stricter codes and more regulations than site built homes and are higher quality because while they are being built they are not exposed to the snow, rain or the other types of extreme weather we have in this state.

When site built homes are built, your contractor must factor in the costs of traveling to the home site, the cost of materials, and the cost of labor. Typically, the cost of labor is half of the price of the total home cost. Manufactured home builders work more efficiently with the use of an assembly line and long-term employees. While on-site builders purchase materials from local stores, manufacturers purchase materials in bulk directly from the manufacturer at a much lower cost.

While affordability does seem to be one of the top reasons to choose to live in a manufactured home community, most communities have so much more to offer.

Most communities perform background checks for their potential residents of communities. While this might not seem like a benefit to the convicted child molester looking for a place to live, as a neighbor this is absolutely a benefit.

While it is nice to get to know your neighbors, it’s also nice to have your own privacy. Unlike apartments, when you live in a manufactured home you don’t share walls or a yard with your neighbors.  However, it is nice to know all of your neighbors. As I have heard time and time again when people leave home for vacation, or the many “snow birds” we have in Illinois, the sense of security they feel knowing that their neighbors and community staff are looking out for their home is indescribable and priceless. Not many people can say that they know everyone that lives in their neighborhood, unless they live in a manufactured home community.

According to information released by HUD, children raised in a manufactured home their parents own will do better in school than children raised in apartments in similar neighborhoods. Several studies have found that growing up in a family that owns its own home exerts positive effects on children’s development and outcomes. According to one study, this is an even more important factor as the family incomes decrease. This intriguing result suggests that parents owning a manufactured home may buffer children against the damaging effects of growing up in distressed neighborhoods.

Tree trimming is commonly taken care of by the community staff. Smaller yards are also more practical for many people that simply do not have the time or the means to care for a large yard. With the time saved that could be used on yard work, you could take advantage of the added amenities that many communities offer, such as pools, clubhouses, pavilions, lakes, river access, parks, or other common areas.